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Nanoblading is a semipermanent cosmetic tattoo procedure similar to microblading.

Nanoblading, or nano brow procedures, use a tattoo gun to create natural-looking eyebrows.

There’s a difference between nanobladed and microbladed eyebrows, and each procedure is good for different things.

Options for enhancing your natural eyebrows range from simple makeup techniques to more permanent solutions like eyebrows transplants, and somewhere in the middle falls microblading. This form of cosmetic tattooing has become popular in recent years and lasts about a year or two before needing to be touched up. For a while, microblading was the go-to for anyone who wanted natural-looking eyebrows without the hassle of using makeup every day. But now, there’s a newer, slightly more advanced procedure out there that’s worth knowing called nanoblading.

If you’re considering getting your eyebrows microbladed because you want longer-term results, nanoblading may actually be the better option for you.

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